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OoO مسجات للموبايل بالانجليزي OoO

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سعادتى فى رضا ربى
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تاريخ التسجيل: Jul 2007
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سعادتى فى رضا ربى سعادتى فى رضا ربى
قديم 11-06-2007, 12:36 AM
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hello evry body

how are you ?

Beautiful messages by the English language


Take my eyes but let me see you
Take my mind but let me think
about you Take my hands but let
me touch you But if you want to
take my heart its already yours

Some people come into our live
and quickly go

some stay for awhile and

leave footprints on our hearts.

Get down !

and down

see the darkness

thats my life without you !

U can buy gifts but notlove.

U can pretend smile but not happiness.

U can lie to others but not to urself.

U can have friends but not as good as Me.
Love is like a cloud
Love is like a dream
Love is one word and everything in between
Love is a fairytale come
true because i found
love when i found u.

We will now upgrade your



still searching..

sorry NO BRAIN found!

I looked for u




Every Where

Just to tell u
that i really
miss u a lot

C.L.I.C.K :

C=Can't live without u.
L=Love u.
I=I miss u.
C=Care About u.
K=Kiss From my heart to u.

So,When u miss me just say "CLICK"

When i miss a special person,
i don't have to go too far,
i just have to look inside my heart,
because that's always where my
special peoples are !!

Friends may not be seen together
all the time, but in each's heart
they truely stay forever !!

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