~~~*A Black Rose *~~~

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~~~*A Black Rose *~~~

~~~*A Black Rose *~~~ miscellaneous2_776.g

A black rose can stop the beat of ones heart
A black rose brings the scent of death as it tears love apart


A black rose makes nightmares reality
A black rose fills my life with uncertainty


A black rose is forgotten hopes and dreams
A black rose is a broken man laying in tears and painful screams


A black rose is the pain of a widowed wife
A black rose is lost love in my hopless life


A black rose is the memories that haunt my restless soul
A black rose took everything from me that once made me whole


~~~*A Black Rose *~~~ BLACK+GLITTER+ROSE+C
ஜروح الـمـلاكஜ
thank you my sister^_^
A black rose represents the negative sides in the nicest things

[gdwl]Your words stir feelings Thank you[/gdwl]
[align=center]Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart, but flows from one which is loved

My lovely sisters, Yo reen & dodobaby, thanks for commenting into my poem

Lovely words from a lovely member....1

Thanks dear it is a really nice topic ......

regards ...... raw3ah
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