Do You Hate Your Life??!1

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every sorrowfull people say ( I HATE MY LIFE )1


If I live the other life i will be happy


know that there are many people who dream to live your life


never complain in about yourlife !!!!1

thank god for every thing


if you are complaining about your life

what about people in africa

what about the moslems in iraq and palestain

what about the people who don't find them food

what about the mum who lost her son



complain because you are really in the extremly happiness

thank God for the health

thank God for islam

thank God for your family

thank god for everything you have

so I love my life

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Thanks sister
كتبت : رووعــــــه
Welcome :)
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Praise be to Allah for everything
we don't appreciate the blessings that we have

Thanks my dear for this great topic
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كتبت : emanny1
great words it make u think more and appreciate the gifts that god privliged us

and not take things 4 granted

cheers dear
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