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You know sometimes our life experiences can be really devastated but I should say that in my case I have tried hard to make them motivated to help me move on like this poem. It tells my struggle to achieve my own dreams which required a single signature from a man in charge to help me ironically I needed high power connections to have that signature since when having a signature should be listed as a dream what a misery!!!! For the record I didn't have that signature hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

A Man in Charge

Snobbish behaviors are their sign
They may hear …
But they don't listen
They make you doubt
Yourself ….
Your faith …
Are they human????
Living … on breaking down the weak
Drinking … our tears … our sweat
You man in charge
You are a slave for who pays more
Read my mind
I didn't choose my name
Leave my pride
I know who I am
I am free
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مشكوووووووووووووووووووره حبيبتى
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that is very meaningful and amizing topic

thank you
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Thanks for a benefit poem
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What is this


اذا تهاووشتوا مع انجليزي تنفعكم والله <<< هههههه

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